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Current Writing Workshops

Writing has always featured in some way in my life, whether it's been writing essays at university, writing for publication or writing for self-development. I write every day, and when I noticed how much I was benefitting through my various writing projects, I was inspired to create writing workshops so others could also experience and enjoy the benefits of writing.​

Why write?

The reasons to write are endless! Here are just a few examples of reasons you may choose to write:

  • Use it as a springboard to growth and healing

  • Affirm your creativity

  • Safely express heartfelt emotions, dilemmas and desires

  • Develop insight into yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour

  • Empower yourself and develop your voice

  • Link your past, present and future

  • Understand and own your story and its meaning

Seasonal Self-Discovery Writing Workshops

You can see some of my own writing on the blog I started a few years back. My aim was to spread well-being through kindness and compassion, so I started writing about my personal journey towards self-compassion, which is on-going to this day. You might see in my posts that my journey isn't always easy. But through my writing, I am able to see more clearly where I've been, where I'd like to go and how, over time, I may get there.

Seasonal self-discovery writing workshops are for you if want to use writing to explore how to live more intentionally or how to incorporate nature and the seasons into your daily life. Over the course of six writing workshops, one for each season (including the ‘transitional’ seasons of early and late summer), you will learn more about what happens in each season from both a western and eastern philosophical point of view. You will also be given an opportunity to reflect on and write about your own needs in each season, making each workshop an ideal time for you to use writing to consider what is working well for you in each season and what might help you live more in tune with your needs in each season.

If you would like me to facilitate a writing workshop in your organisation, you can contact me via e.mail, telephone or text message.

Come to any one - or all - of the workshops, running Friday afternoons (1pm - 3pm) on the following dates:


  • 20th March (Spring)

  • 22nd May (Early Summer)

  • 19th June (Summer)

  • 21st August (Late Summer)

  • 23rd October (Autumn)

  • 18th December (Winter)

These workshops are running at The Wee Retreat:

     2 Myrtle Park, Glasgow,

     G42 8UQ

Click here to book into any one, some or all of these writing workshops.

Your investment: £16.50 each workshop; £90 for all 6

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