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About me

Debbie Innes, Counsellor and Life Coach

I'm Debbie Innes, a counsellor and a life coach. I'm originally from America and I have lived and worked in Scotland since 2003. 


I work with people who feel stuck or are struggling. They could be struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems or maybe just can't decide or see how to make their lives or themselves feel better. When people are having difficulties in their life, I support them to make changes by creating a safe environment in which to talk things through. I do this using either open ended counselling strategies or more directed, time-limited life coaching strategies. You can choose which, depending on your needs.

For people who want to increase their self-awareness, I offer writing workshops. These allow you to practice the art of reflective writing and put a spotlight on yourself. For some, this helps uncover unspoken hurts, fears or desires. For others, this helps develop deeper self-understanding. For many, it becomes a tool that they can use independently to manage their own self-care and well-being.

I also work with formal and informal carers who are struggling to cope in their carer role.  I run a 4-week Mindfulness Based Approach to Caring course, teaching mindfulness strategies to carers to help them cope more effectively with the stresses that come from being in a caring role.

I am an accredited counsellor with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists and have been a registered member with the BACP since 2005. As a BACP member, I am bound by their Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This means that I put clients first and work to professional standards. By clicking the link above, you can view this framework for more specific information.

My Philosophy: It's all about you

Throughout my career, my goal has been to offer understanding, support and acceptance to allow others to make positive choices about - or changes in - their lives.  I have found that when people are stuck, if I am understanding, supportive and accepting people are able to move forward.  Therefore, I use a person-centred approach to learn about you and this process can also help you learn about yourself - your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams.  We can then work together towards your goals, whether these are about self-acceptance, well-being or making more practical changes in your life.

My Training
Certificate in Mindfulness Based Approach to Caring

December, 2013

Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice

November, 2010

PhD in Social Welfare and Masters in Social Work (MSW)

June 2003 and 2000 respectively

MS in Counseling

December 1997

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