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'It's all in the preparation.' This is what I normally hear when talking about 'keys to successful.... ' (meals, holidays, vacations, you fill in the blank). Yes, preparation does help, but as I sat one day making my weekly grocery shopping list, thinking about meals I could prepare over the next week for dinner and what I could take to work for my lunch, I had a personal epiphany. For those of you who already know this, bear with me; I'm usually a bit slow off the mark. I was thinking about potato dishes this day, cause we'd had a bumper crop of potatoes and needed ways to use them all up. Gnocchi seemed a good idea; potato-based and a dinner I would enjoy. As I sat wondering if gnocchi cou

I am not Joy Browne, but...

my blog about self-compassion:do's, don'ts and everything in between.

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