“Simples” – Really?

If you’ve been living in the U.K. (and apparently Australia?) for any amount of time, you’ll be familiar with Aleksandr Meerkat – the supposedly lovable (and yet inexplicably annoying) meerkat that advertises the website “comparethemarket.com” and ends all adverts with, “Simples!” (Grrrr….) No, I have not brought that up just to irritate you (or myself). It’s just that I tend to hear that word in that voice each time I think about my mantra that I set for myself almost 18 months ago. “Simplify.” Nothing more; nothing less. I wrote it on a (now-faded and grotty) post-it note and stuck it onto the fridge where I’d see it every day. I had probably been spurred to action after reading Rachel

I am not Joy Browne, but...

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