To be or not to be: Is that really the question we need to ask ourselves?

It can be quite a struggle at times, being. Ask anyone I’ve ever worked with before. They could tell you without a doubt that I’m a ‘do’-er'; I’m most comfortable when I have my list of things to do along with the time and space to get things done. So, it may not be surprising that, initially, I found mindfulness somewhat frustrating, as part of the point of it is to take one of out ‘doing’ mode and into ‘being’ mode. It’s actually the same with my yoga class – but that does have the added benefit that while I’m ‘being’ (breathing into the stretch and noticing where I feel the posture), I’m also actually ‘doing’ (by doing the postures, I’m exercising). And that, for me, feels like a nic

I am not Joy Browne, but...

my blog about self-compassion:do's, don'ts and everything in between.

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